Predicts the Arrival of Patient-Centric CDMOs

  • On the occasion of the pharma trade show CPhI Worldwide 2019, which took place in Frankfurt on November 5-7, CPhI has released its annual report, analyzing key trends and innovations in the pharmaceutical industry forecast by a panel of experts. One of the trends highlighted by panel experts in this report is patient centricity, with big blockbuster drugs gradually becoming less prevalent and a shift towards smaller volume therapies, often for niche patient cohorts.Peter Soelkner, managing director of Vetter Pharma, predicts that the use of personalized medicines will mean increasingly individualized dosages and packaging and requires new logistics and manufacturing systems. Personalized medicine helps avoid unwanted costs for insurance payers by only prescribing these expensive medications for people who are going to respond to it. But these smaller volume therapies are also simultaneously driving up manufacturing costs per unit for each affected patient.